Evista (Raloxifene)

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    Evista (raloxifene) is a medication that prevents disruption of bone tissues interfering with the cycle of bone formation. It is commonly used by females in postmenopausal period to prevent or cure osteoporosis. Although the pills themselves don’t saturate bones with Calcium and Vitamin D, they influence the speed of bone tissue renewal slowing down quick bone turnover. The medication is also used to reduce the chance of acquiring breast cancer in women (note that it doesn’t treat existing cancerous tumors).

    How it works?

    Raloxifene is a selective estrogen receptor modulator that boosts positive impact of estrogen on the skeletal system without affecting breasts. In postmenopausal osteoporosis, this drug reduces the speed of bone turnover and adds to bone mineral density. It is also commonly used among patients with serious vertebrae ruptures. The drug has the following effects:

    • recovers bone structure;
    • reduces the risk of breast cancer;
    • boosts bone mineral density making skeleton more resistant to load and traumas;
    • decreases the rate of bone resorption;
    • accelerates bone recovery in case of injuries and fractures.

    Indications for use and recommended dosage

    You should take Evista in the dosage prescribed by your doctor: this is important to ensure proper bone protection without side effects. You can take the medication regardless of meals, any time of day, but better with equal time intervals (the same hour every day). The pills you can purchase in Canadian drugstore are packed on blister cards: there are 15 tablets labeled with days of the week for your convenience. Typical dosage is one pill a day (if not prescribed otherwise). Store the drug at room temperature away from direct sun rays and heat.

    Evista intake should be complemented with a treatment program that may also include physical exercises, diet, and food supplements (Vitamin D and calcium). It is important to follow all doctor’s indications and directions. If you are to take some other medications, discuss it with your doctor – raloxifene interacts with many different drugs. If you miss a dose and forget to take it during the day, just skip it – there’s no need to take double dose next time.

    If you are to go through a surgery, or will be immobilized, do not take Evista 72 hours before and after that. It is crucial to keep moving when going through the course to avoid kidney deposits and other side effects caused by excess of calcium.

    Side effects

    If you develop immediate allergic reaction to Evista (swelling of tongue, throat or face, hives, difficulty breathing, seek for instant medical help. The pills also shouldn’t be taken, if a person has:

    • lumps and tumors in the breast;
    • signs of stroke like sudden headache, difficulty speaking, weakness, problems with vision;
    • blood clotting in lungs that manifests into quick breathing, chest pain, coughing up blood, etc.
    • blood clotting in legs that cause swelling, redness or warmth in legs.

    Typical negative outcomes may include swelling of hands, ankles or feet, symptoms of flu, hot flashes and intense sweating.


    Evista should not be used by pregnant and breast-feeding women. The drug also causes the risk of stroke, if you are prone to coronary heart disease and have some risk factors like smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, or having a hysterectomy).