Nexium (esomeprazole)

    Where to buy Nexium

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    The pharmacological effect of the drug develops within hours, regardless of the dose. Taking Nexium (esomeprazole) daily once a day for five days can reduce the concentration of hydrochloric acid in the stomach contents of 90 percent. Inhibition of hydrochloric acid formation and the associated therapeutic effects. After a month of treatment with Nexium, approximately 78 percent of patients diagnosed with reflux esophagitis achieve complete recovery. Due to the action of the drug, 93 percent of patients manage to recover within two months.

    Half board use of the drug at 20 milligrams per day with the addition of a course of treatment of appropriate antibiotics leads to the success in eradication of Helicobacter pylori infection in a week of treatment. If there were no complications during peptic ulcer, the appointment of antisecretory drugs in order to eliminate symptoms and heal the ulcer is not needed. The medication’s positive action is confirmed in endoscopic examinations of bleeding from peptic ulcer.

    An additional effect of suppressing the formation of acid

    In the treatment of drug Nexium, as well as other drugs in patients antisecretory action, there is an increase in the plasma concentration of gastrin, which is associated with a reduction in the formation of acid. This process also has an impact on increasing the concentration of chromogranin, which in turn may affect the results of those studies, which are conducted to detect neuroendocrine tumors. To avoid errors in diagnosis, two weeks prior to the test the pharmaceutical treatment should be ceased.

    Those patients who received esomeprazole drugs during a prolonged period of time, both in adults and in children, enterochromaffin cells number can be increased. This phenomenon is attributed to the fact that the content is increased in plasma gastrin. However, it is not clinically significant.

    Absorption and dispensability

    As the active ingredient of esomeprazole unstable to acid environments in the production of tablets are enveloped in a shell not affected by gastric juice. After receiving tablets a fast absorption from the gastrointestinal tract takes place. The maximum effect can be achieved by not more than two hours. The percentage of absolute bioavailability after administration of the drug at a concentration of 40 mg single dose can achieve more than 60% and increase to nearly 90% when taken a daily basis. For the dosage to 20 milligrams of the drug these indicators will correspond to 50 and 68 percent. There is almost complete (97%) plasma protein binding. If you take Nexium along with food absorption of the active ingredient will be delayed and reduced, but it has almost no effect on the effectiveness of the drug.

    How to use Nexium (esomeprazole)

    The drug is designed for oral administration. Each pill must be swallowed whole without damaging the shell with plenty of water. Those patients who have difficulties swallowing the pill can dissolved it in carbonated drinking water. The dosage varies typically from 10mg to 40mg and defined individually in each patient taking into account the individual characteristics and the severity of the disease.