Astelin (azelastine nasal)

    How to order Astelin online at advantageous prices?

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    Astelin belongs to the antihistamines which aim is to reduce the possible effects of the histamine in the people’s body. The last one is able to cause such unpleasant symptoms as a runny nose, itching, sneezing, and watery eyes.

    Azelastine prevents the development of the allergic reactions. It is also allowed to use for the treatment of children starting from 6 months of age if an allergy is all year round, and from 2 years old, if it occurs seasonally. This medication can also have other assignments which are not mentioned in this instruction.

    How to use Astelin?

    Before you start taking the drug it is necessary to consult your doctor. Tell him/her about all the allergic reactions you have to different medications. There is no exact information about the effect of the Astelin on the unborn baby during pregnancy, so tell the doctor if you are already pregnant or planning a pregnancy. Breastfeeding mothers should also get medical advice before taking the drug.

    Take into account the following recommendations before purchasing azelastine nasal:

    • follow the dosage specified in the instruction to the drug;
    • do not change the dosage on your own;
    • keep Astelin in a place inaccessible to children and do not allow them to use medication without adult supervision;
    • before using the medication blow your nose;
    • take a vertical position and carefully place the spray tip into one nostril, hold the other one with your finger;
    • breathe in and spray azelastine nasal in the nose, do the same with the second nostril;
    • if the product enters your eyes or mouth quickly rinse them with water;
    • after using Astelin spray do not blow your nose for several minutes;
    • if you haven’t used the medication more than 6 days before spraying it into the nose, produce a few sprays into the air, trying to keep the bottle away from your face;
    • throw away Astelin, if you have already made 200 sprays, even if there is some medication in the bottle.

    It is necessary to observe the storage conditions of the drug. Astelin should be stored at room temperature in an upright position. After usage you should always close the bottle cover. Protect it from sunlight and do not freeze it.

    Drug interactions and side effects

    The drug affects the speed of reaction and thinking. Be careful and do not take the azelastine nasal if you plan to drive. The simultaneous use of alcohol with this medication can increase the side effects.

    Keep in mind the following facts before buying Astelin:

    • consult your doctor if you take sleeping pills or drugs for depression and nervous disorders;
    • some other medicines can affect the Astelin, including vitamins and herbal infusions. So, inform your doctor if you use such medications;
    • if the drug caused such allergic reactions as hives, swelling of the tongue or throat, and difficulty breathing, immediately seek the medical help. Tell your doctor about allergic response and he/she will adjust your treatment;
    • the main side effects are the increased sleepiness and fatigue, headache, nasal congestion, nausea, vomiting.


    This list of side effects is not complete. There can be other unpleasant symptoms. If you suffer from the previously mentioned side effects, tell your doctor and stop taking the azelastine nasal.