Phentermine (Adipex)

    Where to buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg

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    Phentermine is a pioneer of weight loss management medications – the active substance of a wide range of drugs was added to the FDA registry in 1954. The drug enables you to curb your hunger by effectively suppressing your appetite, and helps you to burn fat due to a performance boost it provides. The drug is referred to amphetamines group (amphetamine is the parent compound of phentermine) and included in the class of benzene and substituted derivatives. The active ingredient of the well-known branded meds Adipex-P and Zantryl, as well as the active substance of numerous Generic Phentermine modifications, all the phentermine-based are available by prescription only in the US (no prescription is typically needed for online purchases). The cost per capsule starts from $2.34 in case of branded meds, while the generic options are roughly 30 – 150% cheaper.

    How it works

    The pharmacological action of phentermine is comparable with amphetamine, the drug promotes norepinephrine release. Although the exact mechanisms of action remain unclarified, scientists suggest that it impacts hypothalamus to suppress your hunger and enhance control over it. Starving during phentermine therapy is contraindicated, as your body needs resources to maintain vitality of its ecosystems; however, as you consume less foods the process of fat burning is accelerated as your organism starts consuming the fat deposits. The treatment with phentermine must include diet plan changes – in conjunction with a low calorie diet you can press for better results; the suppressed feeling of hunger means you can enrich your diet with healthy foods and exclude poor quality products almost effortlessly. Performing lifestyle changes to your lifestyle is another paramount requirement: phentermine drives your energy and keeps you in shape mentally, so you can cope with physical loads without breakdowns.

    According to Effects on Weight Reduction and Safety of Short-Term Phentermine Administration study conducted by Korean scientists in 2006, the long term treatment (12 weeks therapy, 2 weeks run-in) produced at least 5% weight reduction results in 80% of phentermine control group participants; importantly, more than a half of those participants achieved 10% or more significant weight reduction. However, the medication is not intended for long-term use: the average treatment course ranges from 4 to 6 weeks with the approximate weight loss results of 3.2 – 3.8%.

    Indications for use and dosage

    Phentermine is not the drug designed for anyone looking to lose weight, it is appointed only in those cases where body mass index equals or exceeding 30kg/m2 level. Phentermine may also be assigned to patients with 27kg/m2 BMI in cases where obesity poses obvious risks to health or in cases with risk factors (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and etc.). Getting rid of bad habits (smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, etc.), changing your lifestyle (adding regular physical exercises, having enough sleep, etc.) and following a healthy diet are the prerequisites of effective phentermine treatment.

    As a rule, generic phentermine comes in 37.5 or 30mg capsules – a regular daily dosage appointed in the majority of cases (although there are drug modifications with lower dosage of active ingredient). The drug is taken regardless of meals, preferably during the morning hours to decrease the risk of insomnia.