Propecia (Finasteride)

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    Both men and women lose from 30 to 150 hairs daily; however, the organism regrows the loss – the process is hardly notable and absolutely pain-free. Visually excessive hair loss becomes noticeable only after the loss of 15% of hair. Such event gives an alarm to take urgent action and rescue your hair. If you notice that you keep on losing your hair, it is highly likely that alopecia is developing in your body. Propecia, the medication approved by Food & Drugs Administration, is a decent tool to treat androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness in men (oftentimes abbreviated as AGA).

    The mechanisms of action

    With finasteride, 5 alpha-reductase type II enzyme binder, the active component of Propecia (Finasteride), the medicament aims at promoting conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, or DHT – the substance standing behind male pattern baldness. Therefore, the active Propecia ingredient effect lies in DHT concentration increase in the body, resulting to hair follicles damage retention and, respectively, ceasing AGA development.

    The remedy’s positive effect has been reported in 85% of men. Furthermore, a half of clinical trials’ respondents and ordinary Propecia users taking the preparation have managed to press for new hair regrowth within 12 month period, and nearly 67% of men achieved success of various degree in 24 months. However, according to statistics, Propecia conducts its business better when it comes to the early AGA stages treatment. The fact should be also underlined that the treatment cessation is highly likely to ruin the progress achieved with finasteride within a year, as DHT emerges in the organism again, damaging the follicles.

    The preparation penetrates the tissues as well as bodily fluids quickly and efficiently. Propecia’s bioavailability level (ingestion) is estimated at 80%, regardless of whether it is taken during the meal or on empty stomach. The medication is absorbed by the body during the first two hours; the excretion and metabolism is carried out in the kidneys (up to 39%) and via the intestine (up to 57%).

    Selecting an optimal dosage

    In clinical practice the dosage less than 1 mg on a daily basis is not necessarily making the desired impact; according to the manufacturer, Merck, 1mg dosage of Propecia is optimal for 97% of patients. Take 1 mg of Propecia on a daily basis for three months and start monitoring the results. If you for some reason miss one day, just continue using the medication on a regular schedule. It is strictly forbidden to compensate the dose for the missed days because of the risk of adverse side effects. The tool produces excellent results, restoring hair growth , not only in the crown, but also in the area of the frontal bald patches. Thus, the drug represents a perfect solution for men struggling from pattern baldness, a hardly treatable by conventional means disease.

    Taking Propecia in women to cope with the problem of hair loss is prohibited because of a number of significant side effects: finasteride may cause congenital abnormalities in the fetus if a woman will use the tool being pregnant or planning to have children in the nearest future.