Cipro (Ciprofloxacin)

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    Cipro (Ciprofloxacin) is an antibiotic based on ciprofloxacin and used in clinical practice for a wide spectrum of purposes, primarily for the elimination of infectious bacteria and provision of a prominent bactericidal action. Cipro represents the 2nd generation of fluoroquinolone medications, it is prescribed to eliminate various urinary tract and respiratory infections. To guarantee the safety of administration, the drug is appointed only once the pathogenic organisms are determined. The pharmacology of the drug boasts high effectiveness, and Cipro is one of the most powerful fluoroquinolone agents. The drug’s absorption takes place approximately 2 hours after reception; the drug reaches blood plasma after an injection faster, within 30 minutes. Cipro is withdrawn from the body after 4 hours; it resides in the organs and tissues, while the 40% excretion from the body takes place gradually (with urine and bile), in unchanged form throughout the first day of treatment.

    Indications for use

    Cipro is indicated in the similar cases as virtually any fluoroquinolone drug. The drug’s efficacy was confirmed in the treatment of respiratory tract, tissues, bone and skin infections, plus it may be used for the purposes not indicated in the insert within complex treatment schemes. Cipro is used for the elimination of salmonella and shigella, it is successfully applied in post-surgery and gonococcal disease, as well used in suppression of inflammatory processes. The preparation demonstrates considerable results in genitourinary system infections due to its ability to penetrate kidneys rapidly and producing isolative properties. Cipro is also used in treatment of cancer patients suffering from various infections.

    The average course of treatment lasts for 2 weeks; in case of severe conditions and the absence of ability to administer the drug orally, the option of Cipro injections is considered. Throughout the treatment course it is highly recommended to maintain liquid balance in the body, so drinking plenty of water is essential. Cipro pills are best to be taken on empty stomach to accelerate the absorption of the active ingredient (but that’s not absolutely required). To minimize the risk of adverse reactions and overdose, the preparation should be ideally taken under a supervision of medical personnel.

    There is no comprehensive clinical data as for the treatment with Cipro in adolescents under 18 years old and pregnant women, so in these cases the use of drugs is contraindicated. The drug is oftentimes prescribed on the background of kidney problems – in such cases monitoring creatinine levels is absolutely required. Taking the medication with antacid drugs is not recommended, as they contribute to a reduction in the level of acidity in the stomach, which adversely impacts the treatment efficacy.

    Dosage and administration

    Indicated below are the dosage recommendations depending on the condition:

    • The infections of non-complicated nature: 0,125g – 2g daily
    • The infections of complicated nature: 1mg daily split into 2 intakes during the 10 days period
    • The acute forms of complicated infections: 1.5g daily split into 2 intakes
    • Gonorrhea/cystitis: 100mg on a daily basis
    • Prostate gland inflammation: 1g split into 2 intakes for the period of 14 days

    Please, avoid self-treatment; consult your doctor before initiating Cipro treatment course.