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    Prednisone, the drug based on the active substance of the same name, represents an effective tool from synthetic corticosteroids group. The drug is appointed in case of serious inflammation processes and recovery from treatment accompanied with acute pain sensations, where the inner capabilities of the drug are insufficient to overcome the issue. Prednisone is the medication of a wide scope of use, it is used in both adults and children for the treatment of asthma, a wide range of skin diseases, adrenal hyperplasia, CNS and gastrointestinal disease and etc. The drug may also used in combinative treatment of diseases not indicated in the liner. The drug’s wide application is explained by its affordability, high efficacy and the minimum of side effects – it is considered that the drug may cause serious adverse reactions mostly in children and high therapeutic doses, while taking the drug within short-term treatment reduces the risks further. The drug is considered to be up to 5 – 6 times more effective than its closest alternative – cortisone.

    Prednisone-based medications are oftentimes appointed for the treatment of asthma, a variety of allergic and joint diseases, and etc. The preparation represents an efficient method of anaphylactic and traumatic shock removal. In ophthalmology the drug is prescribed to deal with eyeballs inflammation. Prednisone was approved by FDA in 1954, and in the US the drug is available only by prescription.

    How to take

    The replacement treatment with Prednisone implies taking 20 – 30 mg of the drug daily; in maintenance therapy the dosage varies in the range of 5-10mg each 24 hours. In the presence of clinical need, an adjustment with an increase not exceeding 100mg (but no more than 15mg per intake) daily is allowed.

    Corticosteroids, and most commonly prednisone, are for asthma treatment in the event of ineffectiveness of the alternative treatment measures. In this case the medication is appointed at 40-60 mg daily dose for the period of 3-4 days, following a gradual reduction to 20 mg daily.

    In children the dosage is typically calculated basing on the formula of 300 – 600mcg per kilo of weight. The preparation is prescribed with caution in patients diagnosed renal failure and/or kidney diseases.

    Important information

    The treatment with Prednisone can be ceased as soon as the initial results are achieved and the patient’s tests are normal. If Prednisone is used in urgent hormone treatment for no longer than 3 days, its usage can be abandoned without any consequences of abrupt withdrawal. However, a gradual reduction would be essential in those cases where Prednisone is used within long-term treatment: in this case the doctor defines the proportions of dosage reduction individually. As a rule, in the treatment courses ranging from a couple of days to 2-3 weeks, the daily dose reduction rate will equal up to 50% mark. Thus, if your therapist has prescribed you Prednisone at dose of 1 pill daily, and if the results are achieved within 5 days, you should reduce the dose gradually: a three-quarter, a half, and a quarter of pill during the next 3 days, following a cessation on the 9th day of therapy.

    In the long-term treatment with Prednisone monitoring the level of calcium in the body is essential, you may also be appointed calcium preparations.