Zyprexa (Olanzapine)

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    This is a branded name of olanzapine – a drug with antipsychotic action. Due to its ability to affect brain chemicals and to block dopamine/serotonin receptors, it’s used for treating the symptoms of mental disorders such as manic depression (bipolar disorder) and schizophrenia in adults and adolescents older than thirteen. The drugs may be used for other purposes as well, as monotherapy or combined with antidepressants or other antipsychotic medications according to the doctor’s decision.

    Proper Zyprexa Administration

    Take Zyprexa with or without food. Follow your doctor’s prescription exactly. The typical treatment schedule supposes taking it once a day. The dose is selected individually depending on the patient’s age and severity of the symptoms; do not adjust it on your own.

    It’s always necessary to complete the treatment course without stopping it abruptly, even if the symptoms seem to have decreased or gone.

    During the treatment your health condition should be under medical control. Regularly test your blood. Diabetic patients should regularly check their blood sugar level, since Zyprexa can lead to hyperglycemia. Take into account the opportunity of having high cholesterol and also gaining weight, especially it concerns teenagers.

    There has to be sufficient time interval between the doses. Feel free to take the dose as soon as you remember if you miss it, but skip it if it’s almost time for the next one. If you have the reason to think you have overdose, get medical help.

    To prevent dizziness, try to get up slowly from a lying/sitting position and make sure you’re steady. It’s important to avoid dehydration and overheat, especially when exercising or when the weather is hot, so drink plenty of water.

    Reactions and thinking may be impaired when taking olanzapine, so be careful when driving or during work that requires attention.

    In case of taking two or more drugs, strictly adhere to the doctor’s recommendations and schedule. Alcohol intake is not recommended

    Protect the medicine from being exposed to sunlight/heat/moisture and store it at room temperature.

    Possible Side Effects and Allergy

    Some patients may happen to have allergic reaction to olanzapine, which can be identified by such symptoms as swelling of face/throat/tongue, difficulty breathing, hives, etc. In such situation, call for medical help immediately.

    You should also do so if you notice these side effects:

    • difficulty speaking;
    • hands/feet swelling;
    • uncontrolled movements of face muscles;
    • suddenly feeling ill/weak; painful swallowing, sore throat, coughing, flu/cold symptoms, swollen gums, fever, skin sores;
    • nervous system problems – tremor, sweating, fever, uneven/fast heartbeats, rigid muscles;
    • hallucinations, unusual behavior, strange thoughts, confusion;
    • dehydration: dry/hot skin, difficult to urinate, thirst, heavy sweating;
    • high sugar level: blurred vision, drowsiness, dry mouth, increased urination, weight loss, increased hunger or thirst;
    • problems with liver: lack of appetite, yellowing skin, itching, pain in the upper stomach, dark urine;
    • severe skin reaction: face swelling, swollen glands, fever, skin rash.