Synthroid (levothyroxine)

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    Synthroid (levothyroxine) is used to replace the hormone produced by the thyroid gland. Its aim is to control the energy and metabolic rates in the people’s body. Levothyroxine is prescribed when the thyroid gland can’t produce this hormone.

    Synthroid is applied in the treatment and prevention of the enlarged thyroid gland (goiter) when a low level of thyroid hormones is observed (hypothyroidism). All these disorders can be provoked by cancer, surgery, radiation treatment courses or hormone misbalance. There can be also other indications that are not mentioned in this instruction.

    What is the important information I should know about Synthroid?

    Before taking this medication it is necessary to consult a doctor and tell him about all your chronic diseases and other health problems, and about all the drugs you take. It will help the doctor to make an adequate treatment plan and to avoid the possible unpleasant consequences. There are some other facts to consider:

    • do not use this medicine if you faced with adrenal gland disorder or heart attack’s symptoms;
    • it is better to refuse the Synthroid treatment if you take some medication for excess weight and for reducing appetite;
    • it is forbidden to treat the obesity with Synthroid, it may provoke undesirable side effects, including death;
    • some medicine can lose its effect if they will be taken at the same time with Synthroid. Try to take other dugs at least in 4 hours;
    • products with high level of fiber can make the medication less effective;
    • tell your doctor about all the medicine, vitamins or herbal you use. It will help him to make a plan of your treatment and to avoid unintended consequences.

    If you got pregnant while undergoing levothyroxine course, do not stop the treatment and consult your doctor first. He will determine the necessary dose of this drug. It doesn’t harm the baby while breastfeeding too. Just discuss it with your doctor and he will regulate the peculiarities of the Synthroid treatment.

    How to use Synthroid?

    Follow the exact dosing prescribed by your doctor. Try not to miss taking your medication or change the dosage by yourself. It will help to reach the better results. Moreover, take into account the following things:

    • don’t use the medicine without doctor’s permission;
    • try to use it on an empty stomach, about half an hour before your breakfast;
    • take it daily at the same time. It will increase the effectiveness of Synthroid;
    • if you go to any doctor, for example, to the dentist, let them know that you are undergoing the Synthroid treatment;
    • make regular medical tests;
    • the visible effect usually occurs a few weeks after the start of the reception. Do not stop taking the drug at the first better. You might need to take it all your life, if the thyroid gland cannot produce the hormone on its own.

    If you missed the drug intake just take it as you remembered. If it’s time to use another dose, just skip the missed one. In the case of the overdosing, urgently seek medical assistance. The overdose is manifested in the form of a headache, tremors, irritability, shortness of breath or heart palpitations.